The story starts long before the thought materialized to start a second business venture. There would have never been a Soaps by Yo Claire without two very important people in my life and my daughters encouragement to make my own bath products. My Maternal grandmother Helen Joy Martin & my Paternal grandmother Verna Claire Devore. 

A New Orleans native growing up I absolutely must admit I believed I had the best life as I was surrounded by family, a eclectic culture , and being able to enjoy some of the best cuisine imaginable. My grandmother Helen was extremely creative as a homemaker, wife, and mother to a large family to raise and care for . She was the mother to seven beautiful daughters, one of which is my mother, and three handsome sons. She was a woman of many talents, skills, and what we call extremely blessed with great knowledge .Helen did not advance through school as she was a wife at an early age but my grandmother had what people would call street sense, which would prove to be the education that fueled her family. From a very early age I can remember her making soap from scraps of used soap and then filling them she would use a cigarette carton as a mold. It was not the type of soap we see today but it definitely served a purpose for her family. She was extremely creative in her own right. My grandmother Verna Claire was also a woman who made the most of her resources to support herself and her three sons, one of which is my father. Verna was an educated woman who instilled these values into her sons before she passed away unexpectedly when my father was still a teenage boy. But from stories told from family I am so honored to have inherited her personality, kind spirit towards others, her smile, and I am most proud that my parents decided I would share her name as this is the name sake of my company.

Having these example of strong grandmothers in my life is the energy I put into this company and my first company Five Sister’s Sweets. Taking something from nothing to make great products. My concept is different, my passion is matched, my vigor is high, and my desire to make Soaps by Yo Claire one of the best Beauty & Bath brands for all is my goal. 

Follow me on this journey ! 

 Founder, Yolanda Claire