What are the Benefits of Natural Deodorant

The Benefits of Using Natural Deodorant

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When we wake up to get ready to present ourselves to the world for most people, we have a daily routine we follow that helps us to put our best foot forward to be the most brilliant people . Most people begin with a short prayer, morning meditation, a glass of water to wake up our body organs, and follow with our daily cleaning routine to smell your best. One of those cleaning routines is our daily application or two depending on how who you are of applying a store brought deodorant. I must admit that in my household my family has shifted toward embracing a more natural approach to our routine. Basically we have decided we want to be more aware of not only what we put into our bodies but what we put on our bodies. Myself and my daughters all have embraced our natural hair as this makes our life a little more manageable, applying our daily amounts of sunscreen to protect our skin from harmful cancers, drinking more water with fruit to detox our bodies regularly, and we have slowly began introducing more vegetables into the meal choices in an effort to take a stand for a better lifestyle. I have a house full daughters who have active lifestyles, teenage challenges, pre-teen issues so they definitely want to ensure that they can but their best foot forward both physically/ mentally for any challenge they face. I am a beautiful brown skin woman in the prime of my life and I strive to do things on the up and up. I want to preserve my sexy, be the woman that is consequence of what goes on her skin, and what I am taking in body. Basically, when I am 80, I still want to look as graceful as I can.  

A few months ago, I purchased natural deodorant from a local vendor in Houston Texas and I must admit this was a great product that I fell head over heels for. My children at first did not embrace it as I did but slowly they hopped on board. We eventually made a decision that we would like to release our old ways of things that are processed to learning about things that we could actually feel better about. This sparked my imagination to find out the benefits of using natural deodorants daily , natural soaps, natural beauty products etc. I never paid much attention to all the things that are used in over the counter deodorants verses natural. I believe the decision to switch to a natural deodorant will significantly reduced my family’s risk of exposure to harmful chemicals, cancers, and different illness associated with processed items. One of my daughter’s, Paige suffers with eczema really bad and she has benefited from these small changes as her skin goes through this transition. I truly believed this could help her overall maintain a better outer appearance with her skin while also promoting great skin care practices.   

 How does natural deodorant work?

Because natural deodorants don't block your pores (like antiperspirants do—that's why you don't sweat), they allow the good bacteria on your skin to work, helping to reduce odor, even when you're not wearing deodorant. Sweat itself doesn't stink or cause body odor, but when mixed with the bacteria on your skin, it can stink. Body odor happens when the bacteria on our skin (which multiply in the presence of sweat) break down. After not sweating (or smelling) for so many years, when we switch to natural deodorant, our bodies get alarmed and can have the potential to freak out. When you switch from conventional to natural deodorant, there is a transition period. But once your body has eliminated all of the toxins in it, you may actually notice that you sweat less than you did when using conventional brands.

Natural deodorant products do not contain the same ingredients that drugstore antiperspirant deodorants do like aluminum, parabens, petrochemicals, triclosan, artificial colors, or aluminum. Most natural deodorants contain 3 basic household ingredients commonly found in your pantry and what has been used for years. Baking Soda, Cornstarch, Coconut Oil, and an extract used to add a great scent. In addition, natural deodorant will target the maintenance of moisture in your skin, not the stripping of natural oils to plug sweat / pores.

What are natural deodorants made from?

All-natural deodorants are made using organic ingredients. These are typically plant-based components used to make natural underarm deodorants that work is a lot gentler, making them ideal for people with sensitive skin. The essential oils are used to scent the deodorant is a good option for anyone with extremely sensitive skin. Typically made using ingredients such as baking soda, Non-GMO cornstarch, arrowroot powder, essential oils, and rubbing alcohol.  

Baking Soda works to dissolve, neutralize, or act as the sweat blocker. In store brought products Aluminum is used for this purpose as the aluminum salts form a chemical reaction with the liquid sweat to temporarily plug the duct. However, unfortunately, this can also negatively plug pores. Coconut Oil can work as a natural deodorant due to its antibacterial nature, while also keeping perspiration at bay / moisturizing the underarms to prevent irritation. Coconut oil can neutralize those bacteria, which prevents the unpleasant and embarrassing smell. In store brought products like Parabens are another factor to consider when making deodorant purchasing choices. Often used as a preservative, these chemicals can throw off your body’s hormonal balance. Other toxins to keep an eye out for when looking at antiperspirants are Triclosan, a pesticide that has anti-bacterial properties but can weaken the immune system over time, and artificial colors or bleaches that can cause averse allergic reactions. Arrow root powder or Non-GMO cornstarch work as the product that thickens and makes a paste like solution.

Are you ready to make the switch?

Switching to a natural deodorant is a great option if you have any type of skin issues or you’re prone to rashes. Because you’re eliminating the use of harsh ingredients by making the switch, it’s possible that you won’t have as many skin problems or it won’t become irritated as much once you start using natural deodorant. All-natural deodorants are also a good option for anyone concerned about the environment. One thing many people don’t realize is that switching to organic deodorant can save you a few bucks. I hope this helps in your quest to rid your life of harmful products while promoting great natural remedies in your life. One product at a time.

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  • My first time using the natural deodorant I was beyond pleased with the product. Today I wore a tight fit athletic hoodie and stayed fresh all day . This is definitely going to be added to my daily hygiene routine !

    Carmen Angelica Davis

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